Thursday, March 7, 2013

All Heart

So as we're approaching St. Paddy's Day and Easter, I figure it would be a good time to post a Valentine's project. Ha!

I pretty much just grabbed a long branch that was a straggler underneath a tree in our backyard. I had left over red, glittery felt from Christmas time. I used two sheets and put them together and cut out two of the same hearts (One for the front and one for the back) - For the front part of the arrow. I used the other half of the two felt sheets to make the nock or back part of the arrow. I just eye-balled cutting these out and the heart. I just made sure to stack the two pieces together before cutting so they would be even with each other (The front and back, that is).

I put the two glittery sides together of the heart and sewed along the edge leaving the top part of the heart open.

For the back part of the arrow, I did the same thing with putting the two glittery sides together and sewing just the top part, Along the edge, leaving the sides and bottom open. I flipped it over after it was sewn, And used the scissors to make the fray/fringe On the sides.

I flipped the heart so that the glittery sides for any outside now and put the branch through the opening of the heart. I simply hot glued the opening to the branch. I did the same thing to the back of the branch with the fringed felt piece. Just simply placed it over the back part of the branch and hot glued it on both sides.

I used bakers twine to hang the large arrow across the top part of our dining room windows (I took pictures of it outside as the pics of it in the dining room turned out to be shadows due to poor lighting). I thought it would be a fun way to display my daughters own valentine art hearts. I used bakers twine to hang their foam hearts that they made.

I figure over the years it can be used to hang any kind of Valentine decorations or the kids artworks for the holiday.

Since I had everything hanging around the house it was actually a zero cost project. If you don't happen to have the supplies and had to go and buy them it would still be very inexpensive... Just a couple of felt sheets and glue. If you don't sew or happen have a sewing machine you can always glue the felt pieces together.

Happy valentine's day! Er, I mean happy St. Patrick's Day ;)

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