Monday, November 5, 2012

Gettin' Twiggy with It

This is a tad early, but I know this time of year gets insanely busy for people.

So in case anyone would want to make a twig banner as part of their Christmas decor or even as a prop in their family holiday photos and/or cards, now would be a better time than say the week before Christmas.  Which is usually pure chaos :)

Supplies needed:

*jute or string or ribbon
*tin snips or saw to cut down twigs
*hot glue gun
*twigs or wood pieces

Last fall, my kids and I scoured our backyard and gathered a bunch of bundles of twigs.  We brought them inside and started laying them out and trying to piece some together that would eventually make a letter.  We moved them around several times just eyeballing what might look good. (Unfortunately, I don't have any step-by-step pics of this as we did it last year.)

Once we had the general idea of what twigs would make what letters, I went through with the tin snips and cut the twigs one by one to size them to make the actual letter.  I tried to keep the letters around the same size.

Then I hot glued the twigs of the letters together and then hot glued the top of them to a piece of jute.

You can add fun details to the sides, like sprigs of holly...or even felt cupcakes or something fun if you were to make a 'Happy Birthday' banner.

What I like most about the twig banner is that it is neutral and it can go with pretty much any decor.  It can be left as is or dressed up a bit.

Happy Holidays!

Hope your days will be merry and bright!

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