Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Spider Web (Dollar Tree Round Tablecloth)

As we're approaching the Halloween season, I thought it'd be fun to share a very simple, inexpensive little project that can be added to your Halloween decor or party.

I made this "spider web" from a Round Plastic Tablecover found at the Dollar Tree.

Below are simple steps you can follow if you wish to make one...

**If you want to make a smaller spider web/s, you can cut the bottom arch closer to the point of the fold...like maybe half way up or so verses the very bottom.

Simply unfold and you have your web...

This one is a bit large for the mantle, but, as mentioned above, you can make smaller webs simply by cutting that first arch further up.

You can place the spider web on a table for a party, as is or over another table cloth...possibly w/ a fun Halloween print or even solid black, orange, or purple.

You can also make a bunch of smaller webs to place along the center of the table as a runner or even to hang up on doors, walls, or mantles.

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