Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Attempt at an A-Frame Tent

With Christmas this year, we decided to try our hand at making an A-frame tent for our adorable nephews, using Cakies tutorial.

Her step-by-step instructions, accompanied by the visuals, made it nice and easy to follow along.

I also loved A Pretty Cool Life's version of the tent with the use of stripe.  I was hoping to go for a similar effect and was happy to find a sheet set at Target with a navy and white stripe.  Cheryl was also helpful in sharing her tip about putting grippers on the bottom of the tent.

We gave them the tent last night, but noticed it still wasn't staying put as well as we'd hope.  So when we got home, I did a search and came across this helpful tip from
Her suggestion of using eye hooks and twine looks like it did the trick for keeping it from collapsing.

Originally, I thought we'd cover the tent frame using a Star Wars fabric, as the boys are really into that.  But in the long run we figured to keep the main part of the tent more general and thought to make little pillows that they could use inside the tent, using a Star Wars fabric from Spoonflower.
We followed this great tutorial from for making the pillow covers and got the inserts from

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